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Ybrands is a full-fledged branding and advertising agency established in 2016 to produce quality branding and advertising solutions for your brand. With three offices in Calicut, Toronto, and Dubai, our agency has worked with businesses across multiple sectors to enrich its brand identity with creative and unique marketing strategies.Our goal is to accompany your brand from the very beginning- from its logo design to positioning your business in the market.

Recently, we have also spread our wings to digital marketing services including but are not limited to social media management, SEO content, package designing, and product photoshoots. Ybrands specializes in offering a whole branding solution.Creating an impact on the viewers and readers is crucial for any product. A positive brand experience for the consumer boosts your reach and profits.

 We work with your vision to design and create brand recall for your products and services. We believe in innovation, quality, and a strategic approach to branding. At Ybrands, we guarantee an exceptional future for your brand.

Our Story

There are no lines and boundaries that define creativity. When it is, it becomes a claustrophobic space that gives least productivity. Our journey had a bumpy start with big risks, but the dream and passion was so high that they just kept on moving forward. An advertising photographer, a graphic designer, and a copywriter found

their wavelengths coincident, resulting in a team of three talented individuals with a common interest and passion, and Ybrands was born. With our unique style and expression, we boost the vibes of your brand.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create meaningful brands with creativity for the future and reach out to the audience with values, emotions, and quality across the globe. Through innovative branding, we garner audience interest towards products and services that are strong and desirable for the best quality lifestyle.We place ourselves in your shoes to try to see your perspective and thoughts and fulfill your needs with original solutions.
Our work culture aims to make a mark in the minds of our clients and audience with thoughtful concepts and designs. Creativity from different cultures come together under one roof to bring beneficial solutions for all.

Our Vision

We are dreamers and creators who bring solutions through branding. Our goal is to use our distinct brand of optimism, planning, and invention to reach every continent. We aim to create works with simplicity of understanding but creativity that blows your mind. Utilizing available time and resources to create something new and break stereotypes and repetition in the market is our motto.
Our growth has been steady and progressive throughout the years, and we aim to keep up the pace looking for avenues to expand, flourish and support brands for the future.

"Our goal is to mutually benefit the community and ourselves to grow into a better future. It is in our skin to be creative, think out of the box, and get crazy with ideas and thoughts. Bringing your dreams to reality with no compromise in telling your brand story. "

H H Sheikh Abdelaziz Bin Humaid Bin Saqer Al Qasimi


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