INDUSTRY- Home furnishings

Inspired by your choice

Happiness inside is a home decor store that customizes furniture according to your comfort. The brand tries to make you feel at home with its unique designs that make you feel outstanding. Be it a chair for your study or a table for your dining room, they build your home in your style.

What was our part in branding?

The idea of customizing furniture and home decor, in general, was conceived to make a comfortable space for the users to relax and feel at home. However, the idea was not to focus on the furniture part alone but to go for the emotional satisfaction obtained through the band. Logo creation posed a challenge as the idea of customized furniture was to be implied with no written words.

Brand Identity

The logo looks like the lowercase “h”. It depicts a table that transforms into a chair with a dot at the end to greet people “hi”.

Branding Color Palette

The colors used are mellow with a subtle but elegant look. A positive look is given with lighter or pastel shades of green, brown, blue, etc. than loud colors.

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